Our Traumas, the universe and Everything

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Summary of the Interview with Dr. Rex Grant Kruhly


Welcome to this blog where we will explore the fascinating topic of self-identity and how it shapes our lives. Our special guest today is Dr. Grant Rex Cruy, also known as Dr. G, the founder of Depth Health Healing Technology. With over 51 years of experience in various fields such as quantum science, personal development, brain research, martial arts, and spirituality, Dr. G helps individuals remove cognitive dissonance from their subconscious mind, including drama and limiting beliefs, to guide them towards a state of coherence and alignment with their true selves.

The Influence of Early Programming

Dr. G uses a computer analogy to explain the formation of self-identity. He compares a person’s subconscious mind to the software that is downloaded into a laptop. Just as a laptop cannot function properly without the necessary software, our subconscious mind requires programming to shape our beliefs, values, and perspectives. This programming begins from the moment of conception and continues until the age of seven.

During this critical period, our subconscious mind acts like a vacuum cleaner, absorbing information from our environment. The beliefs and values we acquire during this time become the foundation of our self-identity. However, Dr. G emphasizes that these beliefs are not our own but are influenced by our parents, environment, and culture.

For example, a child born in the Amazon Delta will have different programming needs compared to a child born in Manhattan. The subconscious mind adapts to the specific environment, shaping the child’s perception of the world. This programming becomes the reference system that influences our thoughts, behaviors, and overall vibration.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Dr. G highlights the power of the subconscious mind, which runs 95% to 98% of our lives, while the conscious mind (frontal cortex) is only active about 5% of the time. The subconscious mind processes a vast amount of information, approximately 40 million bits per second, compared to the conscious mind’s 40 bits per second.

Our subconscious programming plays a significant role in determining our beliefs, values, and perspectives, which, in turn, shape our frequency or vibration. Dr. G explains that our vibration determines the outcomes we attract in life, including our relationships, finances, and health.

Cognitive dissonance arises when there is a conflict between our conscious desires and our subconscious programming. This conflict, often fueled by fear, self-doubt, and regret, hinders us from achieving our true potential. However, Dr. G’s methodology enables him to access the subconscious mind and disintegrate the limiting programming, ultimately empowering individuals to transform their lives.

Reprogramming Our Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs, formed during the first six years of life, deeply influence our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Dr. G refers to these beliefs as “programming” and emphasizes the importance of reprogramming them as we continue on our journey of personal growth.

Reprogramming our core beliefs is an ongoing process that requires self-reflection, awareness, and the willingness to let go of limiting patterns. Dr. G suggests regularly working on our subconscious mind, just as we brush our teeth daily to maintain good oral hygiene. By staying attuned to our unfolding life experiences and addressing any cognitive dissonance that arises, we can gradually upgrade our belief systems and align with our true potential.

Dr. G’s approach involves helping individuals access their subconscious field, identify the root causes of their limiting beliefs, and disintegrate them using specific frequencies. By removing negative energies and upgrading their subconscious programming, individuals experience profound shifts in their physiology, vibration, and overall well-being.

Embracing the Journey of Self-Discovery

Dr. G reminds us that the journey of self-identity and personal growth is a lifelong process. As we navigate this journey, it is essential to cultivate a sense of acceptance and love for ourselves. Rather than striving for perfection, we should embrace our uniqueness and understand that we are constantly evolving.

While the destination may seem tempting, it is the journey that truly matters. Dr. G encourages us to be present in each moment and to appreciate the lessons and experiences that shape us. By staying connected to our authentic selves and continuously working on our subconscious programming, we can unlock our full potential and live a life of fulfillment.


Understanding self-identity and overcoming limiting beliefs is an essential aspect of personal growth and transformation. Dr. G’s expertise in depth healing and his ability to access the subconscious mind offers individuals an opportunity to align with their true selves and remove cognitive dissonance. By reprogramming our core beliefs and embracing the journey of self-discovery, we can create a life that reflects our highest potential.

Remember, self-identity is not a fixed concept, but a dynamic process that unfolds throughout our lives. By consciously working on our subconscious programming and embracing the present moment, we can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth.