Meet Ingo Schulmeyer

So who am I?


Ingo’s life is a story of constant change and continuous improvement. From the confines of a successful yet unfulfilling corporate career, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that would redefine my path forever. Now he stands as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to break free and embrace a life of freedom, purpose and passion.


As a Free Spirit and Transformational Growth Coach, Ingo’s passion burns bright, igniting the flames of change in those he guides. Through “The Small Reset,” he offers a lifeline to those seeking holistic transformation, drawing from his own experiences to light the way.


But Ingo’s story is not just about triumphing over the mundane – it’s about conquering the impossible. With six Ironman finishes under his belt, including the World Championship, Ingo embodies the resilience and tenacity required to overcome any obstacle.


Yet amidst his athletic and professional achievements, Ingo’s heart remains firmly rooted in family. As a loving husband and devoted father, he treasures the simple moments shared with his two incredible boys.


Ingo’s journey is a testament to the power of courage, resilience, and unwavering belief. Are you ready to rewrite your story and embrace a life of abundance? Join Ingo on a journey of transformation, where the only limit is your imagination.

I’m a

  • Dreamer and Doer
  • Free Spirit
  • Happy Family Father
  • Certified Neuro-Transformational Coach
  • Former R&D and Product Director in the Semiconductor industry
I’m passionate about
  • helping others finding their True Self
  • Adventures
  • Nature
  • Growth
  • Health


  • hundreds of hours in successfully Coaching Clients and lead them to personal breakthroughs.
  • Master in Engineering and M.A. in Business Administration
  • More than 20 years in Personal Development, Peak Performance and Leadership
  • Went through several company internal Leadership and Management Development programs
  • Leading international R&D, applications and Product Strategy teams.
life coaching certification

Ingo is a recognized keynote speaker and gets frequently invited to different international shows and podcasts. 

Check out the show below to listen to Ingo’s stories, his principles and how how he became who he is today.


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