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 Release. Rediscover. Rise.

Holistic transformational life coaching


Live a life you won't regret

- "I'm successful in my job/life, but something is missing"

- "Now that the kids are older, I'm starting to feel empty and lonely."

- "My life is okay, but there is nothing that gets me really excited."

- "I'm not sure if I made the right career decision. Maybe I should try something new?"

- "Maybe I should do something more meaningful and make a contribution."

- "I want to make changes to my life. But I don't know where to start."

- "All these methods and solutions that I've invested in haven't worked for me.

Holistic transformational Life coaching

Sounds familiar?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. In our fast-paced modern society, these thoughts and doubts are completely normal. 

The good news: Your situation can be changed.

YOU can find your path to a more fulfilling, more prosperous and happier life.

Just keep in mind: There are no walkthroughs, no life hacks. You have to work for it. But the incentives are amazing.


What will be different after completing the Coaching Program?

You will…

  • understand yourself better and know your limiting beliefs

  • gain confidence and clarity in who you are in order to add meaning to your life

  • Re-Discover your Purpose and your Passions and learn how to live according to them

  • become more happy and successful 

  • be equipped with the tools to program you with a winning mindset

  • be guided through this transformation and released into your new Life

You need a Human Transformation!

Before you are ready to change, there comes this realization: There is no other way. Fix your System, not your Symptoms. 

Motivation doesn't work. Superficial Modifications don't work. Discipline doesn't work.

Not as long as there are fundamental factors that are holding you back.

It just requires too much energy to fight against your internal forces that are pulling you in undesired directions.

If you've read this far, chances are high, that you've understood this truth already.

This is the first step to your new life. Just continue to walk.

A caterpillar is not just evolving into a butterfly. The old creature needs to completely give itself up and make space for something new and better. It completely releases and decomposes providing just what is essential for the new Being.

Unlike the caterpillar, that is just consuming, the butterfly makes a huge contribution to its environment.

In order to make room for something new and better, something old needs to die.
Become a butterfly.

Why most Motivation programs fail.

We know them all. And we really want them to work. Programs like:

  • Lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks
  • Build a 6 figure business in 3 months
  • Become a Millionaire in one year
  • Become happy without any effort

The Internet is full of such promises. And they are successful… for the people that sell them. People are buying such offers. Why?

They boast a clear outcome in a defined period of time. With a clear path to walk, low risk and manageable effort.

But I guess we all know:

Usually, we don’t finish such programs. Or, if we do finish, we are disappointed by the results.

There are several reasons, why such programs can’t work:

  • They are based on willpower and discipline. While this is a valid approach to achieving goals, there is one problem. If they pull in different directions than our inner beliefs or against our internal anchors, then you quickly run out of power and give up.
  • Individuals need individual approaches to success: one-size-fits-all is a very bad compromise in this context.
  • Just because it worked in the past for someone, doesn’t mean it works now for you. Markets adapt, customer behaviors change, people are different.
  • There is a fundamental correlation between risk and return. You cannot expect extraordinary outcomes from ordinary, low-risk actions.
If you want growth, get out of your comfort zone first.

Recognize. Release. Rediscover. Rise.

My coaching framework provides a holistic approach to such problems and goes from Understanding that there is a necessity for change to a full individualized game plan that is aligned with your inner values and beliefs and allows you to rise to new heights that you wouldn't even dare to dream of today.

Recognize: You are already here. Accept that there is a problem, and that it can be solved.

Release: Dismantle your internal misconceptions and beliefs.

Rediscover: Once you understand who you really are, find your purpose and passions again. No worries, you have them already inside yourself.

Rise: We are building your individual game plan that works with your internal energies, not against them.

Are you Ready to make this significant Change in Your Life?
I am here to help You.