Unlocking Success: the power of your brain

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Summary: Interview with Liam Naden

Understanding the Definition of Success

What does success mean to you? It’s a question that has been pondered by many, and the answers can vary greatly depending on who you ask. But according to Liam Naden, a renowned speaker, author, and coach, success has a universal definition that is shared by science, religion, and spirituality. And that definition is simple: being happy right now.

Naden explains that when you are truly happy in the present moment, you are biologically successful. Your brain is functioning at its best, and you are able to express the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life. This idea of being the best that you can be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually aligns with our natural biological purpose.

Many people associate success with external achievements like money, fame, or status. However, Naden argues that these things are merely means to an end. The real reason we pursue these external markers of success is because we believe they will make us feel good and happy. Ultimately, success is about feeling good and being your best self.

The Journey to Success: Liam Naden’s Story

Naden’s own journey to success was a tumultuous one. Like many of us, he spent most of his life chasing after success, trying different strategies, and seeking fulfillment. He explored religious teachings, delved into spirituality, and immersed himself in personal development courses and books. He achieved financial success and had a luxurious lifestyle, but he still felt something was missing.

Then, at the age of 45, Naden hit rock bottom. He lost everything and became homeless. It was during this difficult time that he had a profound realization. He had been using his brain the wrong way. Rather than tapping into his creative brain and trusting the natural flow of life, he had been activating his survival brain, which led to fear, stress, and anxiety.

But through his experiences and personal transformation, Naden discovered a different way of living. He learned to trust his creative brain, make decisions from a place of intuition and wisdom, and eliminate fear from his life. As a result, he started attracting unexpected opportunities and living a life of true fulfillment and purpose.

The Four Parts of Your Brain

In order to understand how to use your brain in the right way, it’s important to grasp the different parts of your brain and their functions. Naden breaks it down into four parts:

  1. The logical, rational, thinking brain: This part gathers and stores information, helping you make sense of the world through labels and recognition.
  2. The emotional feeling brain: Located below the logical brain, this part generates your feelings and determines how you feel in each moment.
  3. The survival brain: Situated at the back of your head, this part manages your physical functioning and the fight or flight response to immediate threats.
  4. The creative brain: Located in the center of your skull, this part is responsible for intuition, problem-solving, imagination, and connecting to universal intelligence.

The key to unlocking success, according to Naden, is to tap into your creative brain and let it guide you. This part of your brain knows what you need to be the best version of yourself, and it will show you the next steps to take in your life. By eliminating fear and stress, and trusting in the wisdom of your creative brain, you will be able to live a life of true success.

The Pitfalls of Goal Setting

One popular strategy for achieving success is setting goals. However, Naden challenges the effectiveness of traditional goal setting. He points out that studies have shown that only 2-3% of people actually achieve their goals. This low success rate raises the question: why do we continue to set goals?

Naden argues that setting goals often stems from a place of fear and wanting. We believe that achieving these goals will make us happy and fulfilled. But this approach activates the wrong part of our brain and can lead to stress and anxiety. Instead, Naden suggests focusing on the present moment and trusting in your creative brain to guide you. Rather than setting rigid goals, be open to the unexpected and let your creative brain show you the next steps.

By shifting our mindset and understanding how our brain truly works, we can unlock our full potential and live a life of genuine success. It’s about tapping into our creative brain, eliminating fear, and trusting in the natural flow of life. When we do, we can experience true happiness and be the best versions of ourselves.