The power of overcoming addiction

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Summary of the Interview with Dave Albin

In this week’s blog, we dive into the topic of addiction and how it hinders us from leading the life we want. Addiction can be a long-standing pattern of compulsive behavior that takes control of our lives, preventing us from making rational decisions and taking positive actions. While we often associate addiction with substance abuse, such as alcohol or drugs, there are many other forms of addiction that we may not be fully aware of. These addictions distract us from our true selves and can have negative consequences in the long run.

The Many Faces of Addiction

Addiction can manifest in various forms, such as overeating, excessive drinking, watching too much TV, or being addicted to the internet or certain sexual activities. Individually, these habits may not seem problematic, but when they become a habit that we rely on to feel good and forget about the negative consequences, we lose control over our lives. In recent years, addiction has become more prevalent, with social media, drug abuse, and unhealthy eating habits on the rise. The underlying reason for this increase may be rooted in our fear and discomfort with ourselves. We seek distractions because we are afraid of facing our own thoughts and feelings, leading us to rely on addictive behaviors.

The Difficult Journey of Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming addiction is not an easy task. It requires awareness, self-respect, discipline, motivation, and a willingness to change. The first step is to become aware of our addiction, not just in general, but in the moment before we engage in the addictive behavior. This is the critical moment where we have the power to make a different choice. However, addiction can also have a physiological component, making it even more challenging to break free. It is a lengthy and difficult process, but with the right mindset and support, it is possible to overcome addiction and regain control of our lives.

Introducing Dave Alwin: A Story of Transformation

Today, we have a special guest who can shed light on the journey of overcoming addiction. Dave Alwin is a successful entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and former firewalk instructor for Tony Robbins. However, his life hasn’t always been filled with success and abundance. In 1988, Dave was struggling with alcohol and drug addiction to the point where he contemplated ending his life. This pivotal moment became a turning point for him, leading him to make significant changes and transform his life.

A Turning Point and a New Beginning

On June 8, 1988, Dave woke up feeling overwhelmed by his addictions, including heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and cigarettes. He was at a breaking point, contemplating suicide. However, in that moment, he realized the impact his actions would have on his stepchildren and decided to seek help instead. Despite not knowing anything about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), he made a phone call that would change his life. A woman named M, whom he affectionately nicknamed, answered his call and became a guiding light in his journey to recovery.

The Power of Reaching Out for Help

One of the most crucial lessons Dave learned from his experience is the importance of reaching out for help. Many people struggle to ask for assistance because they feel like a burden or fear rejection. However, by reaching out, not only are we giving others the opportunity to help us, but we are also helping them. Helping others is a fundamental human need, and when we ask for help, it not only benefits us but also brings joy and fulfillment to those who extend their support.

The Importance of Challenging Yourself

As the saying goes, “What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.” Challenging ourselves is an essential part of personal growth and transformation. Stepping out of our comfort zones and facing our fears allows us to discover our true potential and create meaningful change in our lives. Whether it’s through experiences like firewalking or simply pushing ourselves to accomplish goals, embracing challenges can lead to incredible personal growth and fulfillment.

Creating a Purpose-Driven Life

Another valuable lesson Dave learned is the power of living a purpose-driven life. When we have a clear sense of purpose, we are motivated to overcome obstacles and make a positive impact in the world. Victor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor and author of “Man’s Search for Meaning,” emphasized the importance of finding meaning in our lives even in the face of adversity. By aligning our actions with a higher purpose, we can find the strength to overcome challenges and create a life of fulfillment.

The Journey Continues: Operation Do No Harm

As Dave continues his journey, he is now focusing on Operation Do No Harm, a program aimed at helping veterans, first responders, single moms, and abused children. Through this program, corporations can support noble causes and make a positive impact in their communities. By hiring Dave and his team, companies can facilitate transformative experiences for individuals in need, ultimately saving lives and instilling a sense of purpose.


Addiction can be a powerful force that hinders us from leading the lives we desire. However, with awareness, self-respect, discipline, and the willingness to change, it is possible to overcome addiction and regain control. Dave Alwin’s story is a testament to the power of reaching out for help and challenging ourselves to create a purpose-driven life. By embracing challenges and living with intention, we can find true fulfillment and abundance. Remember, what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.